Big Business With Wholesale Greeting Cards by Victor Epand

Make no mistake about it, wholesale greeting cards are big, big business. In fact, there are hundreds of suppliers across the United States and around the world that offer wholesale greeting cards for all different occasions.

Whether you are seeking a complete line of cards for a retail store, a large number of cards that will be resold to raise funds for a non profit organization, or you just want to buy a few cards at low prices, one of the many suppliers in this business should be able to help you. Among the types of cards listed in their catalogs or at the web sites of wholesale greeting cards merchants are birthday, religious, romantic, Christmas, get well, congratulations, graduation, and blank cards, to name just a few.

With just about every holiday and special occasion covered, it would be wise to ask about special prices and special packages that might be especially attractive just before the holiday or occasion. Some wholesale greeting cards suppliers have been offering their product for many years, even decades. This longevity has allowed some companies to build a solid clientele, primarily from repeat customers.

While it appears that a majority of wholesale greeting cards are sold through retail stores in the United States, which are affiliated with retail outlets or their own retail shops make their cards available to the individual customer, some companies offer their complete range of wholesale greeting cards to more than resellers who file sales tax and business license information. Take a little time to find some of the discount greeting cards merchants who are more than happy to work with the individual.

Some wholesale greeting cards suppliers have massive warehouses covering thousands of square feet, which allows them to keep an inventory of nearly every card imaginable, covering all types of different occasions. Original art and text are quite important when it comes to the value of the cards, so these larger companies generally have knowledgeable staff members who spend much of their time searching for the most attractive and desirable cards.

In addition, most wholesale greeting card merchants work hard to maintain their focus on treating each client as an individual, even the largest wholesaler dealing with the largest retailer. Company representatives try to ensure that the card assortment fits well for the retail location and its customers. One of the more interesting niches of the wholesale greeting cards business is the humor card or funny card. Again, make no mistake about it, this is serious business.

Wholesale greeting cards suppliers, in conjunction with retail stores, book stores, gift shops, and other sites have built a profitable business in humorous cards over the years. So, no matter what your motivation is, there are great possibilities in the wholesale greeting cards business, for the wholesale merchant, retail business, or end user. Those who buy in true wholesale style to stock a retail shop can some times get the best prices when they are ordering as few as twenty or thirty cards. In fact, many companies will also offer free shipping with any order that meets minimum standards.

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