Leverage Your Way To Success

Over the years, I've seen companies come and go. I've seen opportunities start and then abruptly end. I've seen people enjoy massive success, and then suddenly fail.

On the other hand, I've seen companies start and thrive. I've seen people succeed and remain that way until today.

The difference?

The ones who were successful over the ones that weren't had several things in common. For example, they had a good marketing plan, a good product or service, and a loyal customer base.

However, they also implemented one more crucial element: Leverage.

They gave the average Joe the opportunity to join and, through the power of duplication, be able to leverage his income based on the efforts of others.

So, what exactly is Leverage?

Let me illustrate it like this...

Imagine you join an opportunity that cost you $500 go get in.

The company pays you $400 and then keeps $100 out of each fee.

Let's suppose the structure is based on a 1-up compensation plan, which means that the first person you find and joins you will pass up his payment to your sponsor.

So you lose the first person to your sponsor, which is called a qualifying sale.

At this point, you're qualified and can now start receiving commission payments.

The next person you enroll pays YOU the $400 and then pays the company $100.

Here's where leverage starts...

Let's say that through your promotions, you generate 5 enrollments.

Your first one went up to your sponsor, but the next four sent you $400 each.

Now, each of those four start promoting because they too want to earn money.

Well, since this is a 1-up comp plan, when they each find their first person, that person will automatically be given to you... along with their $400 payment!

So as you can see, it can get really lucrative very fast.

Leverage is a financial principle that the wealthy have been using for decades. Isn't it time you started implementing it for your own gain?

Most network marketing companies use a compensation plan that allows you to get paid on the efforts of other.

Find one you're comfortable with and work it hard for the first year. If you play your cards right, you may end up earning a respectable six figure income in your opportunity.

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